The Growth Currency⚡ newsletter has been publishing weekly for over 90 editions.

But there’s a big ol’ elephant in the room.

One thing I’ve neglected that could end up costing me — and I don’t want you to make this same mistake.

It’s personalization & segmentation.

There was a study by Hubspot where they analyzed over 300,000 marketing emails with CTAs. The emails with “personalized CTAs” performed over 202% better than those without.

That’s pretty significant.

Imagine getting double the clicks, double the conversions. Double the revenue.

It got me thinking…

As my newsletter evolves, I’m going to expand ways I can help you grow + improve + monetize your own newsletters.

But offering everyone the same product or service — all at the same time — doesn’t make sense:

Not everyone is at the same place in their newsletter journey.

Some of you have just started — or maybe have yet to start — while others are making strides with growth (if you haven’t check out my 1KS Roadmap free course). Others might have started monetizing with ads, sponsors, or affiliates. And some of you likely have larger lists than me, but maybe have hit some sort of plateau and need help.

Different points in the journey require different levels of support.

Whether it’s coaching & consulting, a mentorship group, or writing your newsletter for your business — I need to make the right offers to the right people at the right time.

Which is really hard to do without segmentation.

Which is why I’m writing about it today — and over the coming weeks as I share my process for improving my audience segmentation and making the whole Growth Currency experience more personal to YOU.

Let’s get into it.

Step #1: Welcome Email Segmentation

I’m starting with the low-hanging fruit: segmenting new subscribers.

Every new subscriber should be segmented. That way, I can effectively speak to them where they are in their journey.

The key is not to overcomplicate things here (this is a reminder to myself more than anything). You want to get a general sense of where your subscriber is at, not all their personal info.

Psychographics are more important here than demographics.

And that’s where I almost made my first mistake.

I was going to ask new subscribers to select one of the following options depending on their journey:

  • Haven’t published anything yet
  • 0–500 subscribers and/or publishing consistently for under 6 months
  • 500–1,000 subscribers and/or publishing for under 1 year
  • 1,000–5,000 subscribers and/or publishing consistently for more than 1 year

The reason I’m not segmenting by this?

Their selection doesn’t tell me anything about their newsletter challenges. Nor does it say anything about their goals.

Two newsletters with 1,000 subscribers might have vastly different goals — and probably do.

So a better way to segment readers is by what…

  1. their biggest problem needing solving is, or
  2. the main goal of their newsletter over the next 3–6 months.

That information is much more valuable to me and will help me improve my subscribers’ experiences with my newsletter.

So I’m now I’m going to change the prompt to this…

What’s the main problem you’re hoping my newsletter will help you with:

  • Just getting it started and not sure
  • Growing the subscriber list
  • Increasing open rates & engagement
  • Monetizing with ads & sponsors or affiliates
  • Something else

These options provide a better guide for me to help the subscriber in their journey. The prompt also suggests these are things my newsletter can help them with.

Not only that, I can “speak” to them differently with custom personalization — AND I can provide offers that will best support them for where they’re at.

How’s the new section in my updated Welcome Email:

Each of the options have link tags that will “attach” to the subscriber

The Welcome Email has been optimized for segmentation & personalization. The next step involves ConvertKit’s Link Tags feature to tag new subscribers.

Step #2: Link Tags

When a new subscriber clicks on one of those 5 options above, they need to be tagged in order to be properly segmented.

And that’s coming in next week’s edition ;)

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